About Us

Brand New introduces a variety of veterinary products and cures to fulfill your needs of a high-quality trusted product that is safe to use instead of costly trials. In addition, innovative products from Brand New invention that reach a higher level of efficiency.

Our main promise is to deliver exceptional quality in an exceptional method that earned international trust.

Brand New is the sole distributor of major international suppliers of feed additives and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Also, we serve all feed stock breeders (poultry and large animals).



International cooperation

Global recognition of competence and quality.

Innovative Products


Growth Rate

Increase to 25% for the last 3 years.


• To discover and develop our market.

• Make a positive contribution to our busine community.

• Provide veterinary solutions on demand.

• Focus on customer satisfaction. Complete coverage of our market.

• Penetration of new market.


We aspire to be from the biggest five companies dealing in veterinary products in the Egyptian market through innovative medicines and feed additives.

Our International Partners