• Each summer up to 100 days of some degree of heat stress.
  • Rumen pH is lower and fluctuates more during heat stress due to:
  1. Shifting of feed intake.
  2. Less rumination.
  3. Less blood buffering capacity and therefore less carbonate in saliva.
  • So it is good to know that: Mervit Basic Buffer is like “Duracell” It just continues buffering!
  • Buffering is not only important in the rumen but equally important in intestine and blood!
  • Mervit Basic Buffer also helps to maintain milk fat%
  • Aim for a DCAD > 300 meq/kg DM and > 18 g K/ kg DM.

Supplier   : Nuscience BV
Country   :  Belgium
Remarks  :  Powder


Mervit Basic Buffer

Buffer quality monitoring

  • All Mervit Basic Buffer buffering raw materials are regularly checked for buffering
  • Additional testing of raw materials on in situ rumen incubation and in vitro stomach and small
    intestine simulation are performed to determine the fraction available for intestinal buffering.
  • The Mervit Basic Buffer formula is optimized using the outcome of this.
  • The final Mervit Basic Buffer products are regularly assessed for buffering profile.
  • The in house buffer profile determination process is validated by comparing it with methods
    which resemble typical rumen dynamics.
  • In the winter of 2019 the Mervit Basic Buffer range formula has been further optimized. The buffering capacity is now >10% higher in comparison with before.
  • At least 30% of the new formula is effectively available for buffering in the gut .

Relative buffer profile of various buffers


Total cumulative buffering capacity in time