Supplier  : Nuscience BV

Country  : Belgium

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Mervit® Dairy is a broad range of farm minerals for dairy cattle balancing each ration
depending on the cow’s milk production level. The high quality, dust free products are easily
applicable in TMR systems. By perfectly balancing the dairy ration, the cow is able to reach a
maximum milk production resulting in a cost-efficient production.


Balancing rations to optimize of milk production

Feed material availability for dairy feed production can vary to a large extent. For sure dairy
rations are region and season specific but even vary from farm to farm. To optimize milk
production it is extremely important to balance the ration perfectly. Addition of mineral feed
to the ration requires dust free, homogenous mineral feed that minimizes losses at the feeding

Main benefits of Mervit® Dairy

  •  high availability of nutrients balancing each type of ration.
  •  dust free and homogeneous mixtures perfectly fit to be used in TMR systems.
  • maximizing milk production.
  • health supporting for high productive dairy cattle.


Varies depending on the exact product from 150 g/animal/day until 300 g/animal/day