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Supplier  : Nuscience

Country  : Belgium

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Vitamix Pro®

Vitamix Pro®


Premixes of feed additives are supplied to the feed industry to minimize the number of ingredients to be handled and to ensure a proper homogenization of additives eventually providing standardized safe products. With more than 100 years of experience, Nuscience is dedicated to deliver high quality premixes adapted to customer’s needs.

Roughage does not contain sufficient vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy and high milk production. Supporting cows during the lactation period is essential to maximize the milk production and to prevent health problems. Therefore Nuscience developed a range of farm minerals to support cows during this high demanding period.


Benefits of Vitamix Pro ®

Vitamix Pro® precedes other premixes in local market with rich providing Folic Acid & Biotin

** Folic Acid: Research has proven that the demands of fatal growth pre-calving out strip the rumen’s ability to produce Folic Acid.

Essential for protein metabolism, Folic Acid is required for cell division, growth and the production of red blood cells.

Poor Reproduction is the most important cause of Culling dairy cows.                                                         Folic Acid improve Oocyte quality and pregnancy establishment

** Biotin : New studies have shown biotin could be a limiting nutrient for high producing cows. Supplemental biotin can improve hoof health and hoof hardness. Studies have shown significant reductions of sole ulcers, heel erosion, heel warts, claw lesions, and sand. Biotin is also a needed cofactor for body enzymes and many metabolic processes. Milk production responses to supplemental biotin observed.