Supplier  : HL Hamburger

Country  : Germany

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Remarks : Powder


panto kolostrum- plus

✔ supports the development of the calf’s immune system against infections and stress load
✔ stabilizes and stimulates the healthy intestine flora

Additives per 1 kg

100.000 I.U. Vitamin A           350 mg Iron
15.000 I.U. Vitamin D3           B-vitamins*)
1.200 mg Vitamin E               Trace elements*)
2.200 mg Vitamin C               encapsulated acids*)
17,5 x 109 CBU lactic acid bacteria

Feeding recommendations

• during first week of life:
50 g/l colostrum milk from 1st milk feeding on
• in stress situations:
50 g/l milk replacer for approx. 3 days
• dissolving temperature: 40–42 ºC (warm feeders)